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  1. haha you mean me? man that's just how i keep it 100. dsd let's seriously bust out a map and start sectioning shit off...i worry we may be performing duplicate work... we can get more accomplished if we work together...
  2. no worries dsd, lemme kno if you got that info ok. also, i got a scanner you can use for that old stuff. if you want, bring it over and i'll just scan it for ya. no problem-o. also, dsd you might find this interesting - remember the last group field trip to the packard we took? well, remember the bed we saw just as we were leaving? yep, that would be the bed from above posted eminem video. haha...we thought it was a bum done moved in and set up house keep. hilarious. good thing you didn't burn the place down with that cig you tossed...kidding. i've got new flicks...been too busy to post. maybe dsd will feel the urge to delve into my collection...
  3. don't forget to bump their smooth Wizzzard Leaf. lolzorz.
  4. [quote=GLEN BENTON;6483594 oh snap! i was going to post flicks but i found something waaaaay the fuck better... this moron caboose talking some duuuuumb shit again... http://atdetroit.net/forum/messages/6790/149351.html?1224170187 ahahahaha edit #2... found later down that same forum "and can anyone put some truth to the rumor that Armee is KK's nephew? i've heard it before, but i don't know if it's ever been proven..." heh. they seriously come to some fucked up conclusions on detroityes. i recently defended graff being compared to gang scrawl in the cut. here's a snippet from that discussion: "You graffiti apologists just reinforce the general disrespect for other people's property that is already rampant. It's vandalism, plain and simple If it's not yours, don't fuck it up, how difficult is that? And why should there be a "legal" wall? You really think the people spraying this shit are going to say "oh, a legal wall, now I don't have to disrespect things that aren't mine!" How about the graffiti "artists" put a wall up in one of the vacant lots and spray on that? They can spend a fun day laying brick together, and when they're done they can spray their "art" all over it without destroying public property." http://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?t=420&page=2 that thread made for some interesting reading. i am one of the 'apologists' and tried to to defend as best i could but in the end all i could do is say what i knew to be true and fuck those ignorant cats on there who don't know any better.
  5. bummmmmmmmmmp irate. always. allllways. i love the guy sportin the sombrero stencils. this style is starting to grow on me. shock and butout do it well. bump it. and i just plain love this.
  6. so i'm back from minneapolis. forgot my damn battery for my camera. heavy sigh. reading the news, and came across a story of some guy who makes shit out of traffic barrels. apparently some news paper blew his cover and he got arrested. while trying to find a bigger picture of his shit, i did a gis for "north carolina barrel monster" and got this: i think i'm going to change up my style and start doing this from now on. hah.
  7. looks like happy berfdayz indeed. hah.
  8. hah yeah sorry it was so brief... didn't wanna bother you guys. lol. o and happy berfdayz. and, if it's takin too long...you're doing it wrong. photobucket bulk uploader ftw. i agree with glen, pasty white goffs can be hot. but no talkie plzkthx. duct tape for your noisehole, let me show you it. mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.....
  9. ^^^hahaha graver. that's pretty stupid....
  10. what a cyber goth chick might look like... i'd hit it.
  11. haha so i take it you don't go to shitty club then?
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