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  1. StyleFive


    JAKE, why do you always run your mouth? you always got something to fucking say. shouldn't you be busy rocking tight pants and getting ready for your next skate competition?
  2. got some hopping flicks, I'll upload them when I'm back in the sunshine state. Great stuff here.
  3. I tried riding a few times, the ride from Iowa to Nevada went on forever. No run ins though, I guess thats all you can ask for.
  4. trying to absorb the spanish lesson i just had. wondering if smoking bud immediately after will somehow invalidate my learning.
  5. StyleFive

    Sento - TFP

    Re: sento sento.. the man with a million styles.
  6. def got a real original style, very distinctive.
  7. these tahoe and ether joints just get better all the time. bump MUL
  8. ^^^ok. forget about crow for a second. who cares about that dude. were you not just posting all your flicks in the Toy thread 6 months ago? dont bother answering, the flicks are still up there and im not going to diss this thread by posting your wack shit in here to go with the rest of the wack shit in here. you dont even paint freights period. shut the fuck up about some "freight scene". you are a no name toy jumping on a bandwagon. some of these cats have legit beef with dude. but not you. you dont paint shit, you are no one. go back to practicing on paper and leave the real business to the grown ups.
  9. nah b, you got it twisted. different people paint in a different order. doesnt make them toy. thats like saying if you dont start your piece with the first letter in your word then you're toy.
  10. trying to figure out how fucked i am. my girl got me a cell phone and cell phone plan for christmas.. maybe she is being really sweet.. and maybe its some kind of electronic leash so i got no reason not to be accounted for at all times. wtf..
  11. whoa... nice thread. definitely something to be said for leaving a little to the imagination. nice one!
  12. grey primer is definitely better than white or any other primer color as long as the final coat will not be lighter than the grey used for priming. so says sherwin williams, anyways. my experience tends to support that, also. you could use a burgundy to prime before a final coat of burgundy and it will never give you the same intensity and vibrance as you would have been able to achieve by using the same number of coatings of grey primer
  13. right. but everything else lately is no good.
  14. yeah, cool effect on the flicks
  15. damn. that Range is killin! FUA got it locked
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