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  1. StyleFive


    JAKE, why do you always run your mouth? you always got something to fucking say. shouldn't you be busy rocking tight pants and getting ready for your next skate competition?
  2. StyleFive

    Oakland 510 East Bay Business --------

    old Drama & Dicer
  3. StyleFive

    Train hopping flicks...

    got some hopping flicks, I'll upload them when I'm back in the sunshine state. Great stuff here.
  4. StyleFive

    Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

    I tried riding a few times, the ride from Iowa to Nevada went on forever. No run ins though, I guess thats all you can ask for.
  5. StyleFive

    Don't Call it Frisco

    old Veks still flexin
  6. StyleFive

    Graff ON girls [part 2]

    ^^ I'd hit it!
  7. StyleFive


  8. StyleFive

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    trying to absorb the spanish lesson i just had. wondering if smoking bud immediately after will somehow invalidate my learning.
  9. SaneSmith. staying on top.
  10. StyleFive

    Sento - TFP

    Re: sento sento.. the man with a million styles.
  11. StyleFive

    to the girls who spray their vaginas with perfume...

    yeah son. good tunes, good bench.
  12. StyleFive

    Erupto 327. Walls and trains

    def got a real original style, very distinctive.
  13. StyleFive

    ==Pfe Click==

    This is way nice.