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  1. Im sorry the tdm in chicago is even related to the one in san jose.......there weak sauce....
  2. fuck man....you just have to put everything on blast dont you???? STOP TALKING ON THE INTERNET!!!
  3. for real, yall really look like you have no lives and sit on this shit all day!!!!!! Do any of you actually do graffiti??
  4. ^^^^True story.....I belive it was wamps and brite, but im not positive!!!!!! Wait till i catch that snitch slippin he's defienetly getting hit with whatever hard object i have in my hand at the time!!!!
  5. so thats a 17 right? never jam never freeze...
  6. Alright....nice way to shut me up....I like it!!
  7. personally I like my guns cheap and disposable......lol
  8. for real though that shit do look a airsoft....take a picture of the barrel or the clip pimp....
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBjUDCyDCuI ^^ Peep it on here....
  10. Thats a dope airsoft...Just fuckin wit you, what is that though a 18 full auto???? If it is those are bangin, but you need to step it up and get the 100 round drum they make for dat shit...hot shit leave you face like:D :D :D
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