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  1. I dont necessarily have any proof of anything beyond what we already assume. But under my assumptions i believe we have technology and propulsion systems far and above what we have been decieved as of having. I once saw a video of this craft on the moon with english usa handwriting and letters. Looked like it was there for a really long time like 1000 years. usa hasnt exhisted for that long, how could this be? My reason of making this thread is to expose the alien bastards who have really invaded the fuck out of our personal space. just look at their faces as they hide amongst us. Notice how they look and act and talk as if they were superior. I'll have more to add
  2. now i will tell you that some christian programmed people will not like this very much but i am from chicago where everywhere you look there is a cross on the sidewalk or somewhere in the distance. about the cross some people here probably know that the man they call jesus died on the cross. ok with that said what do current religions beleive and practice based on that. most christians: that he died so you can be saved catholics(jesuits): believe that its a good thing he died because he was a nuisance and they laugh at his suffering and mock him. take a look at these pictures of an omnipitent one that cannot be touched then one suffering now look at the popes staff, like the snake staff of moses<-----i.e. hebrew leader/founder get my drift????????????????? now i will get into the facts about these names here (Jesus, Jesus Christ, GOD, The Lord) notice that there are four of them also notice that there are four sides to the cross the word christ is a word the jesuits invented to represent the alternate of jesus (antichrist) then there is the mix up of where people think jesus was born in nazareth but you know the story says bethlehem in the manger. that the real deal guy the good guy per say not christ<--------i could be wrong because they have got alot of peopl really good over a 1000 years. then there is GOD then as you may have probably guess by now there one person left. now evertime you hear the lord, who do you think the jesuits have you envoking????the devil=the lord maybe im just coming to understand this but some it needs to be lined up. with all that said these historical figures may or may not exhist but lest it be known that you should know the difference as a "christian" of what you say when you say those four names. and what the jesuits are having you believe. GOD/The lord the same, NO! Jesus and Jesus Christ the same, NO! there is a building in my home city i have to look at when i go downtown. guess what the statue is of on top of it. a statue of christ/satan, no matter how hard i looked i couldnt find the picture ofd it. its not the board of trade!
  3. back a while ago i used to believe that everyone on the internet cared about free speech. also i had faith in that users all had good intentions. this is not the truth. there are people who have been here a year with 1000's of posts far more possible than imaginable. they hack them. simple. then they try to gain credibility by making incredibly long posts about shit everyone already knows about. or something to misinform you of the truth<------------- commonly you will find this through your cable box but now it has elevated to individual "agents" of misinformation on the internet. there goal is to control what you think about and hide the exhistence of real things going on. which is why truthtellers get trolled and all the good posts are bounced to the bottom of the barrel. 7 pages on kim jong il?????????????????? no threads about peace, none about constitiutions, none about surveillance, none about secret societies ALL OF THEM. real newspaper sources not well known bullshit from ap and cnn. the same people during the election telling you that you have to vote for "the lesser of two evils". the same people telling you that there will be war and all that is bad is inevitible. here they come to defend themselves
  4. its not a suprise. and even to say that in a joking way tells of how you are as a person
  5. apparently alot of people can "see what im doing" in alot of different ways. like surveillance
  6. no its not a failure. the video is a wiliam cooper video they dont like being posted or viewed. it shows alot of nice moon pictures and touches on the subject of the masonic devil worshipping fucks that are on this site. want me to name them?
  7. this is a different thread but i dont care, you have your rights to free speech and all that on this forum and so do i
  8. ive got alot of ways that people can get at there weaknesses. it takes bravery and effort. exposing there secrets is one thing but getting rid of them is another
  9. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=behold+a+pale+horse&emb=0&aq=f# at a theater near you
  10. i put this in the shoes thread anyway where it will be appreciated more. and like i said it just a novelty type thing. peep those coogi hoodies for dope gear. ecko star wars hoodies are dope http://www.shopecko.com/product/popup.jsp?productId=3092109&tab=enhancedImage&c=1050564&ai=-1&altViewCount=4
  11. Go to portillos!!!!1 Dont take the train take cabs everywwhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chicago shouldt be visited by those that are weak
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