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  1. dont know what you're talking about but no disrespect was intended if i went over something of yours.
  2. no explanation needed. you're doing your thing. keep it up. these homos who dont paint will forever have opinions.
  3. this was practiced infront of the mirror for 20 minutes before being posted.
  4. obviously not directed towards my graffiti -no need to clear THAT up, sport. posting pictures is just so much more fun knowing just who's vagina gets sandy over them! ;)
  5. politics! lets redirect some of that hatred right quick...
  6. luem stop mentioning my name in every 2nd post you kids type and you can bet there would be a lot less bfor bfor bfor. damnhomie.
  7. http://www.bforsdick.com/forum join now! you can be administrator.
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