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Everything posted by tack1

  1. aloha obsoe jerx backhoe fo sho sicr in poland
  2. shaken20 the a looks kinda weird but other than that looks pretty good
  3. win sicr fowl tume jerx kasa looks too good!!
  4. tack1

    2012 !!!

    this 2012 shit is stupid the mayen people have there belevfs and many other people have diffrent belevs its just stupid there so many diffrent things people thinks going to happen i just think its going to be another normal day
  5. tack1


    damn like the niks and the vans what the hells up with the red shoes there ugly as shit
  6. the blue kele looks really good
  7. stolen from weed heads/kings by trade! thread
  8. decyferon looks good mr.crus too
  9. damn that satire is fucking crazy good!!
  10. post some more rime and augor
  11. liken everything as all ways wish i had that camper
  12. everyting looks too good ha nice pit bull
  13. you post some dope flicks ghost of graffiti past!!
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