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  1. Clean trops roll through New Orleans pretty regularly
  2. Yup, y'all should be using flickr anyway.
  3. http://videos.nola.com/times-picayune/2012/02/developer_sean_cummings_builds.html
  4. also bump tard's new character's mustache
  5. Complete Bomb Threat Photoset here (inside/out) http://www.dogpawsapproved.com/graffiti/bomb-threat-closing-photoset
  6. Looking for some Top Shelf artists who are interested in painting a mural at Voodoo Music Experience. I don't think we will be able to supply paint, but you would at least get a pass for the day we paint and maybe for the entire weekend. If you are interested please email me... voodoofestwall@gmail.com I'm excited to have the opportunity to organize something like this but it will only be possible to pull off if I can get a good group together quickly... Have a good one.
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