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  1. Yokai - I'm really feeling that first one. Fucking around with letters. What do you think.
  2. To make your own. Either Get a shitload of pens and some rubbing alcohol or pvc primer. or Get a little can of rusto oil based paint or tremclad if your from canada then thin it down with paint thinner, pvc primer, or wood hardener. Add some shellac for shine. Some gentian violet for stain. And carbon powder with some shellac for more shine and to make it fade resistant.
  3. Little recipe of mine 100mL of Red Grog 50mL of Blue Grog 25mL of Black Oink 25mL of Garvey Violet 70mL of Shellac Clear 40mL of Carbon Powder 50mL of Wood Hardener Shit doesn't fade and stains hard. 4 layers of Osh White spraypaint
  4. Kiwi polish sucks. Get some fiebings.
  5. Junobo Atlantic Blue Mop, Molotow Black Burner, Glue Pen With Homeade Ink, Red UniPaint, White Markal, 2oz Mop With Smash Teal, Blue TexPen Not pictured: 3 Cans of Rusto Flat Black 5 Cans of Dollar Black 2 Cans of PaintersTouch2x ClaretWine Stampendous Mop With Grog Blue All racked besides the Junobo, Grog Ink, TexPen, Molotow, and Smash Ink.
  6. Thanks for the links. Yeah, I'm in Cali so I dont think it should be a problem.
  7. Any tips on how I can improve?
  8. I use a Canon Rebel XS Most pictures are with 50mm f/1.8 mkII lens, some with 18-55 kit lens Just a couple of my favourites
  9. ^ I ordered some of those from Oink, should be here next week, I'll do a review/line test with Rusto, Ironlak, Montana, and Krylon I also got something similar like that as a free cap from AP. Not sure if it is a 24k Fat since you said that Oink is exclusive distributor but yeah
  10. Ironlak Torquay Whizbang Rustoleum Black
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