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  1. squeek? hahah why the fuck would anybody want to see a couple tags from a nobody?
  2. your talking shit about a AM a crew you rep? talking shit about FDP, while at the same time praising dest? who drops FDP? dropping names on the internet? hating on writers who have past away? coming back to perth for a book release thats about a LEGAL wall? thats cool jail time? thats cool aswell
  3. its a diges isnt it? hahahaha dont worry heyo just get up more and people will say its original
  4. worst perth section dd has had. dwel probly the only one worthy of being in it
  5. that sofles would be cool, if it wasnt done on a dead train at ones of his mates houses.
  6. looking at the crap diges and tape are rocking tho, now thats fucking retarded!
  7. real graffiti^^^ bring back the 90's!!!!!
  8. horfe is shit aswell! guess theres no emphises on outlines these days? its ok to be shit if your popular? no need to defend your "mates" i dont no either of them, im just saying it how it is without any bias.
  9. dude you write okie i dont need to say anythig else
  10. hmm are we serious. the kids shit! look at the shit he rocks at days spots, its fukn horrid! dont mistake being toy for originality! biek burns him to the ground! handstyles pieces everything! popularity is fuck all!
  11. there in a yard in melbourne... but you gota ask auto before you go there, its his yard
  12. fuck any legal shit, sell-out cunts, if your to old to commit illegally take up lawn bowls or someshit. art fag shit should be left in the gallery's not the street. go to melbourne to see that shit! respect to cunts that put abit of risk into getting up, not rocking up in some city allays with 100 premiums and a 2 week time frame! request any real graffiti with some level of risk?
  13. it was in yesturdays west australian paper. its fucking hipocritical from the government, after all the heat there tryna put on writers in the news lately, then they pay some art fags to come to our city and do this shit? i hope it gets covered in tags!!!
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