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  1. bump the panties in the yard, LoL.... we all find some random crazy shit in yards!!!
  2. good post, diggin them canadians!!! decor kerse snez kwest relic pose
  3. back on tha grind even though my scanner is crap! here is some more benching while I continue scanning pix in!
  4. I appreciate all the great feedback for you all. Good to see that the old school gets a lot of love still. Mad props and love to those true kings rocking them panels.
  5. dzenomedia


    Re: 'JEPSY' sick fills and color schemes fo sho!!!
  6. good post! saw some local Texas stuff on here, very nice!!!
  7. please excuse me if there is reposts of the same one.
  8. always hated this damn fence, but always caught some pretty nice panels on here as well!!!
  9. here's a better repost of more of that IZ the Whiz!
  10. yup, no digital camera back then, so I have all of my hard copies :cool: with that being said here is more for you all to enjoy!
  11. more coming tomorrow, the scanner is tripping! it is sad that a good number of those classics are probably gone!
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