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    props to whoever is doing those kerse trucks, they look banging.
  2. holy shit i thought webster was really back but then i realized this bitch is like 10 years old.
  3. stan51 you are always eating some crazy greasy ass but delicious looking meals. iamchristeezy has been propped for her awesome boobs.
  4. not to mention old school niggas were always down to steal a car, break into the yards, go get into some dirt, but these new school bootsy ass niggas just play on their iphones and go to stonestown.
  5. Re: Don't Call it Frisco bikes are supposed to have BRAKES!!
  6. Re: Don't Call it Frisco for you fixie faggots.
  7. Forgot to wipe it down with some cleaner... haha i know. morton its all gravy, all that loot is gonna be shredded up and used as a money based pesto sauce for the next wine and cheese party hosted by yukmouth.
  8. if you would like to rob me, please send "props" first followed by a PM.
  9. damn that dinosaur show + 40 ounces + some weed would make for a fucking good time. stan51 you eat like a horse god damn, two sit down meals in a day you are ballin i tried to give props but im 24dd. troggslayer that spot looks fun makes me wanna get out of the urban jungle and into the boonies its a friday, my day today is about "transformations" haha. Woke up, got a package in the mail. Turned this.... Into this..... Got that rap money A brokeass mother fucker can dig through my ashtray and probably find enough smoke for a whole week More transformations, turned this.... Into this.... Meet my employer, shes nice. Thats it so far, not much going on today.
  10. HAHAHA i liked this one. and yes misterraven, i am an idiot i did not go over there after asking. to be honest even though she looks good i am just not into asian girls anymore plus she is kinda psycho clingy.
  11. i dont need multiplayer i just want to do the regular whatevers. the stupidest shit is that i had this fucking game installed back in the day but decided to get rid of it to save space.
  12. Play Instructions: * Install the game - Full Installation. * Apply the official Joint Task Force v1.1 Patch. * Apply the official Joint Task Force v1.2 Patch. * Replace the original JTF2.EXE file with the one from the File Archive. * Play the Game! where is this file archive??
  13. it doesnt work, guess i will try this .exe file crazyness.
  14. actually i read somewhere online that the tank code is actually a secret CD key, let me try it.
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