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  1. Oksy, Afroe, Pemex, Jaut, BVRS
  2. That LOCKDOWN sounds dope. too bad i gotta leave town.
  3. Im curious about what those 2 pieces of white papers say.
  4. Fuckin' ridiculous. The Most Def taking it to the cosmic level.
  5. Everyone is inspired by someone else.
  6. Hense's new shit is nice.
  7. Dont know if this was posted already, but theres a doc on how shitty Detroit is and it has a good amount of shots of some graffeetee and its all on youtube. Requiem for Detroit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReqG6qbx_c0
  8. Oaks

    Nujabes RIP

    One of my all time favorite producers. I love music and he will be missed. LUV SIC pt.1 RIP
  9. Dope. SW made his throw simple and to the point.
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