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  1. Thats a practice wall kid. Pieces got gone over all the time. thats the way it is.
  2. Give that bull a gold star. That's nuts.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Preston Maddox (View Original Post) i agree somewhat. neos and aums stay puttin it down though. I still think arme should come out of retirement, too. and if ya'll can get VEXOR and THEN and HOACS and SER (i think?) to come through again and bomb some shit, we'll be back in business. it also wouldn't hurt if AOM and VIPER and them other tool bags would just knock it off. or at least practice somewhere we don't have to look at that shit until they get better. - I dont want to defend the kids on the come-up, but Aom, and Vipe arent really working with any type of deffinitive style, but they both show alot of heart. That Aom kid picks good spots, he just can burn em they way they should be; And Vipe is a straight up dude who gets better everytime he paints. Give em time fellaz.
  4. Never have i enjoyed swine so much.
  5. Got down with my boy on a nice clean bridge wall next to the tracks that run thru our city yard, and while finishing up stepped back only to fall in a waste deep hole of stagnat shit water. Needless to say it was real bad and had to take off my one shoe because of it and proceeded to walk 3 miles thru the city with one shoe on.
  6. Neos... on point. me... not so much..
  7. Yo Reed got mad up's, and the bull drinks coors light thru a straw. He'll run track marks around your ass. This new bitch thompson is worse than leap year..
  8. Ugly is taken holmes. you can do better? lets see it..
  9. View, shit looks good. Come to the burg and get down with us.
  10. Dysekt Onetime Elk Sectr Vexor Dr. Sex Jedi.
  11. Is anyone hip to Acee's ink?/ how does it handle in broad tips? lay it on me...
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