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  1. Commissioned piece. Haven't posted in a bit
  2. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to noverNYC again. That style is crazy. You got something going there
  3. Yup, it's good to know what colors will look like on actual paper. That DARE Monestar is fresh
  4. Viper625


    Great thread. I finally took enough pics throughout the process. Vid here-
  5. ^^Dope flow Monestar, Decyfron and Perts-Great skills Bump this~ New piece in the book-ADVAN. Step by step on Youtube and in the thread in here.
  6. ^^^Nice That puzzle piece is off the hook!!
  7. Thats a huge piece!! Dope for sure Nover- That two pager came out craZy maN!! Great work
  8. Good catch. I practiced calligraphy before I started writing. I practiced a lot but then got bored. It definitely influenced me. I guess graff took over because I could create my own style similar to calligraphy but I had total control over it. I still have several chisel tip markers just for fun.
  9. Don't trip. That looks fresh. You can upload it to Photobucket and crop it. The 3d definitely enhanced the whole piece. Azteka-I'm down, check your pm
  10. This might be useful for someone. It could make a crazy wildstyle easier. Just don't get confused about where the outline goes.
  11. Wow Cani, lovin that abstract wildstyle. Crazy flow. Props!
  12. Exchange for Cani2. Sorry it's a little late!! EPIK
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