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  1. Wheres flicks from the meeting of styles??
  2. fuck it vegas been look inweak but to everyone keeping it alive props
  3. :privateeye: old cfscribe NMEK post 03 scribe
  4. take it to the head ur style is dead
  5. Self promotion z not a good look when u th^s fools how u nikkas sleep at night witht that shit runnin boiiii boom bye yeah
  6. yo the kids seem thirsty but dfamn take ur time dont hurt ur self go fucken do some style homework on that shit homie for real through the last 10 pages only that kix mpk was clean. everything is toy garbage street tags where is ur guys style oh yeah its gone with the rest of the culture...................:lol: :lol: fuck :scrambled:
  7. theres alot worse lookin shit going on at the legal spot that could get it taken away black might have a few burners there dont hate its there for people to piece up their artwork some runs some gets gone mayb shld be more people piecing cleane shits so wldnt have to bust somany lol:lol:
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