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  1. and then twilight was born.
  2. Ah, I've already tattooed it on someone since. I completely forgot they were in here actually, otherwise I wouldve taken them down awhile ago.
  3. I can't stand those people. As a pit owner myself, and seeing how sweet and intelligent they are, I don't understand why people would WANT to raise them to be nothing but fighters. Shit, my dog is afraid of cats. Also, the people that immediately crop their ears and bob their tails piss me off. I can understand the tail bobbing to an extent, like when a dog is actually injuring themselves because of happy tail, but realistically it isn't needed.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimera_(genetics)#Tetragametic_chimerism go check that out, looks like thats what your dog may be. fuckin cool.
  5. we decided to keep one of the puppies that my dog had, he's awesome.
  6. this guy seriously thinks he's amazing.
  7. My dog popped these out the other day. I'm gunna try to keep either the white one with the black eye spot, or one of the brown ones. did you ever find out about that? I thought my dog had mange once, the vet told me that pits actually have very sensitive skin, and allergies are common. Mine was just allergic to fleas, and most flea reppellants, but the ingestable flea killer was fine. oh, and anyone near san antonio that wants a free pit mix, hit me up. I don't want to advertise on craigslist and have them become figter bait. happens a lot here.
  8. oddly enough, every other person at the shop saw the same things I did without ever having me point them out. I did call them gay for that though.
  9. every single one of these (maybe not the last flower one) has at least one dick hidden in it.
  10. not all women are bad at dog naming......the only reason my dog is named didi is because we already had a dog my brother gave me that he had already named dexter. Normally I name them shit that my husband won't be embarrassed to call out in public. Ladybug is a very gay name.
  11. My dog didi. she's super smart, can open almost any door, unless its a sliding glass door, and can climb 6ft privacy fences with no problem. She's somehow pregnant, which is odd since we keep her inside most of the time, and when she's outside, we're outside. The first puppy will be named jesus.
  12. down's syndrome betty boop? looks like she has a nutsack and dick too.
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