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  1. Either ents, ides, mais, or any of the guys in the RTDK crew
  2. provinT13

    5 AM Part 2

    Anyone know the song the starts at 55:10 *Edit Just found it, its "U Aint Me" by Ras Kass
  3. My buddy and I were climbing some scaffolding to hit a roof top spot. We're up there painting, and next thing we know there is some car driving down the street, flashing his lights and honking his horn. We finished, hopped down and bounced. Guess he was some trying to be some hero and was probably calling the cops
  4. Thanks. Got a few more I found. It's too bad the last 3 got painted over, idk why, thought it was a permission wall.
  5. Keys Phone (sometimes) Paint Caps Markers Rubber glove Winter gloves (in winter) 5$
  6. I seem to and paint more when i'm with others, power and safety in numbers I guess. When i'm alone I sometimes "what if" myself outta spots, but when i'm with others I don't think twice.
  7. Summer, between 10 pm to 4 am, perfect time.
  8. Not Denver, Colorado Springs Faker RTD bilboard This is about it for the springs, everyone seems to be hitting the few trains that come through and not the walls which is why there is no graff in town, because it leaves on the train tracks lol
  9. The rusto fat didn't leak, the orange dot did. But it was fine on the can until the very end.
  10. Anyone have problems using orange or pink dots on rusto? I was using some orange dots to fill today and they were working great, no leaks, nice fat fill, but I got to the bottom of the can and the bitch leaked everywhere!!! Is this common when rusto's get to the bottom? Or do they always leak and I just got lucky for 90% of the can? I usually use rusto fats but they're not really all that fat, and not too comfy to use in the winter.
  11. I have the same problem here in Colorado. My fingers get painfully numb, small cotton glvoes don't work, rubber gloves keep the paint off, but don't provide any warmth, and everything else is too big.I'm thinking about getting these http://www.workgloves.net/performance-gloves/ninja-gloves/ninja-ice-gloves/ Idk if they have a soft fleece liner inside though, so I might just go with the North Face windwalls http://www.thenorthface.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=38702&storeId=207&catalogId=10201&langId=-1&from=subCat&parent_category_rn=1
  12. Off limits- Peoples houses and cars, churches and schools Favorites- Bilboards, electric boxes, mailboxe, and doors for tags. Walls, buildings and bridges for everything else
  13. I'll go alone if I have to, but I seem to thrive and do better when I have others with me, more of a power and safety in numbers thing.
  14. This happened with these little knit gloves I had, so I ditched em. I picked up some mechanix gloves from autozone, they do a great job, they're pretty thick and flexible. I just keep a packet of handwarmers in my pocket. If my hands get cold, I open one up, hold onto it for a second, and put it back in my pocket.
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