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  1. These have been on heave rotation. I guess I'm in electronic dick mode lately..... um wut? And for Old Time Alternative Heads... Some goodies that when you hear they just tug at every string of your delicate heart.
  2. Both of these things separately have their own message, and reflect or evoke different feelings/ideas. But when you cross one genre with the other it becomes a mongoloid of sorts. Here.
  3. Saus? What are the sauces for each? Please list in bullet point.
  4. Damn I forgot how to even check those stats. Also unrelated, there are plenty of black nuns up in NYC.
  5. I'm not caught up in politics; i'm no black activist on a so-called scholar's dick.
  6. That one time you propped me in the one time thread props.
  7. I guh-ave out all my propz in this thryd
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INH6xr5Lk4U&feature=kp One of the first in broadcasting if anyone remembers. No one will click those links.
  9. This is now a Ritual Occult pic thread
  10. I've turned into a lurker. I come around every so often and just peek at new threads. Most of the time I just read the few posts and move on. This board used to scroll pretty heavily now lucky if 10 people post in a day as opposed to 10 a minute.
  11. Wow earl I didn't even get an honorable mention? Happy fucking Easter.
  12. In case you were wondering the Balls hang low is actually this.
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