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  1. WICK INJER VATOE hopper at 18:09 The asian dude hopping trains is actually the artist who painted Facebook's office when they opened. He took payment in stock options instead of $60k and now has ~$200 million.
  2. :nope: the people responding seriously to that post just took this thread to a whole new level of dumb
  3. What year? Bump Acuse and Vatoe
  4. ^were you the one using that green can?
  5. regn and rome covering the wrong people and startin beef with whole new crews... need to watch who your toys cover
  6. then fuck you then bitch
  7. KC holdin it down like a du-thug party
  8. thought that almost was a frost lookin good tho
  9. damn that zeal fill is dope
  10. horse crosses the map..burnin all cities
  11. rest easy brother! Your name will live forever!!
  12. dont feel like lookin for the kink right now
  13. haha kink take the survey
  14. this ones a banger..no flick of the LD on the door
  15. STLgraffphotographer's flick
  16. i caught that old auto a few months back..still gets around
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