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  1. do something then. this shit is so retard. heres the routine... ppl talk shit cuz their haters i call them out they wont meet up cuz they are only hard on their keyboards and the cycle continues
  2. ^ says the only nigga who keeps postin though
  3. snitch.and putting niggas on blast is different.plus i warned em.lol. the offer still stands.stop changing the subject too. ur an idiot. and bitch you pmd me. stop lying. for i put u on blast next.
  4. lol..snitch.... and Rekon your are lame you old homeless bum, junkie lookin ass nigga. i told him im gonna embarass him on here. keeps puttin his foot in his mouth. i got plenty more. and if you call that snitchin then you aint seen snitchin..but that dont go down this way.
  5. rekon must be really mad..3 comments in a row...aint that cute. its okay folks hes a tough guy on here but a real sweetheart in person. i see why the dark thread has lasted so long now.
  6. coming from someone who would have never stepped a foot in CDP.. stop co-signing for ppl. and actin like CDP's a crew or something. lost cause. niggas do what you do with out a crew anyways. cant say the same for you. carry on haters
  7. well deserved thread these dudes kill.. mad props to emit, east, scribe, vogues,etc
  8. you viewed it. we'd much rather see a Rekon thread:rolleyes: and Wasp we wont even begin on you. keep rockin them blocks i would say get better but thats all the skill u have.
  9. nice one. i would ask where they was benched but the blurred street signs looks like you dont want anyone to know.
  10. he said that cause half the city is under water right now.
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