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  1. Wall Brawl....... on the real tho we need some shit like this again. sodo wall woud be a good spot well a lotta places could be good spots. for as much bs as i see up these days there are still a lot of fools in the northwest that got letters. or we could just keep calling 12oz our only communal thing in graffiti........ Any opinions?
  2. what are u guys doing? do want him to go back to his old throw up? pleases anything but that!!!!!!!..... and norteno let me get this straight your not calling anyone a biter your just yeah... posting two throwies with A's that look exactly the same... hmm. hahahahah good shit. biting or not its still and upgrade for ajar, but like dk said "he got heart put in the streets
  3. RIP to the homie plus DCM crew Rocking it Homeboy Ern KFM AS LFC CDK
  4. KEEP EM COMIN" MY G's! DVS '97 og brunoe 1994 salem url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/60774518@N05/5541802109/][/url]
  5. Listen up you 12oz fucks. First all the whole idea of this site is post illegal graffiti, you guys realize thats like bank robbers having a site where the post pictures of their heists. Anytime anybody posts pictures of illegal graffiti its the same as giving evidence to detectives/city prosecutor. This is how you say in your street vernacular "snitching". Also if you switch words after you've already been caught they can link you to that too just as easily as if you continue to write whatever shit is was that originally got caught for. Furthermore in a courtroom to make an association for one person to two names they need at least a written affidavit from a reliable source i.e. not message board hearsay. So if you guys wanna call me a dry snitch or wet snitch or whatever term your dumb ass heard some rapper say its cool with me cuz I'm in good company here.:lol: You guys realize that if a prosecutor thinks your and actual graffiti artist they'll associate you with what they feel will make their case look better even its the mona lisa. So switch up your words if that gives you your false security blanket but if you get caught you'l soon see. Better yet maybe your scary little ass should just stick to the web becuase real world isn't a good place for you......... but on the rizeal I'm still tripping off how awsome that revoke portrait is!
  6. awh don't be like that bro i was just asking a question sounds like your the snitch tripping like that.... alls I was tryna say is that revok portrait was off da chain!!!!!!!
  7. hay chupas tha dude that writes aorta and did that portrait of revoke right? siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
  8. ftl and them vs kyt and them........ snoooooooooz button, yawn. fart. morning jack off.... you get the point
  9. lowballer

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    the notorious n*****r, i couldn't say the bottom but thats good shit
  10. CD by erm, mister j-foam from the real CDF, dvs action and some more...
  11. lowballer


    old shit, bruno plus adek salem