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  1. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Kids At The Bar Remix)
  2. Some crazy dash cam footage. His legs get destroyed. Very graphic. NSFW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGcMGM_ztSg
  3. No really.. The school lives inside of his ability to practice. It's some crazy dream within a dream, Inception type shit.... Or maybe he's making a comment about how learning is achieved through repetition (lives within, or 'inhabits' 'practice'). Dude is on another level.
  4. Vossy

    Spray Paint

    How's this idea.... When you get your can, spray a scrap piece of paper or something and smear the color on the top of the can yourself... I do this with rusto/krylon/anything without a doughnut. If you have a bunch of cans in that color, you don't even need paper. Just use one to spray the tops of the others. Problem solved. Plus, since the top is white and not silver you'll get a really good indication of the color.
  5. I'll grab a better pic later.
  6. And to he's not even really fucking it.... Just finger blasting the earth.
  7. Itzpaybak - Yeah, I'm trying to sketch more. I got a little business trip coming up, so I won't be painting much for the next week, but hopefully I'll be sketching a lot.
  8. Mind- I paint more than just at those practice spots. Those spots are just where I try and put out quality. I'm still fairly new to the city where I'm living, so I only really know like 3 spots that are good for daytime piecing. Everything else I do I'm more paranoid about, so I paint at night and spend less time on. I've been writing for about a year, so I still have lots to learn. I've been painting trucks lately, but just straights and throws. I don't flick them because I don't bring a camera. Plus I paint at the depot or whatever, and they are all parked really close together so you couldn't get a good photo anyway. ECO - Looks pretty good, but I think you have some of the same problems I do. Some of your lines look pretty unsteady, and vary a lot in thickness, particularly your O. See how on the purple one your outline goes from thick to thin in some places? You want it to be perfect and uniform. A lot of it is just developing can control over time, but there are some things you can do to make it look cleaner. Once you have your fill done, and drop shadow outlined, do your halo, THEN do your outline. Try and use consistent fluid long strokes. If you screw up a part and wobble, hit the whole line again. They go back and clean everything up. Fix any slip ups that drift into the fill, fix anything that goes too far into your halo. If you screw that up at all (fill drifts too far into outline) hit the outline again. Hopefully once you do that, it will look nice and uniform. Also, cutting back like that is how some people get those paper thin almost graphic looking outlines sometimes. Also, some of your letters look a little wonky to me. Your E seems to get thicker around the bends than it is at the ends, and none of your other letters really do that. I don't know if that's intentional or the proportions are just a little off. It could just be me though. Finally, the C on the purple number is missing some drop shadow.
  9. Man, you guys love the stuff I hate... Well hate is a strong word, but don't like as much... Honestly, I really only did that second one as a kind of throw away. But so far, its the only one I've actually painted.
  10. Part of me is happy that shit like this exists in real life.... What happened to the druglord? Did he go down shooting, scarface style? What's the point of having all those guns if you aren't going to use them.
  11. yetsio - What does that say? I can't even really make out the first two letters... I see **NS (I think)... To me, the rest looks like a ball of snakes mating. I think that there needs to be a more concise logic behind how you are forming and bending your letters. Maybe cut out a few of the extensions and connections and it will be more legible. Also, it's hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like your yellow highlight is all over. Imagine a distant light source, and have all your highlights facing that direction.
  12. I like to think I'm a pretty humble dude. I think some of the stuff I say on here get's a little lost in translation. I'm not trying to shit on anyone's crit, I'm asking questions about it. Just because I want to know why something is done a certain way, or the logic behind it doesn't mean I'm questioning its validity. And as far as ego tripping goes, far from it... Why else would I be posting my shit in the TOY paint thread... But that being said I think a lot of what gets passed along in here is the blind leading the blind... That's not meant as a stab at anyone, just the way it is. There are a lot of toys in the toy paint thread. So sorry if I approach some advice with a little incredulity. Just trying to learn things my own way. But that's all I really have to say on that. Lets just drop it. Post flicks, get crits. Who is this - Paint fonts... Fall back... Get outta here... And yeah... I got no style, that's what I'm trying to pick up.
  13. I think most of you guys are cracked out... We are on different wavelengths. Better flick of the last number. In hindsight, the middle s could be shaped a little better, more leaned back and smoother in the top. The serif should also go straight down. The long lines of the V are poorly executed, but its pretty tough to paint long straight lines, especially up and down... I actually like the Y, but the top part could sit lower so that the bend from the bottom leg to the back is more obvious.
  14. I pretty much straight bit that S from swet. I don't think the S is the problem. It's how the S fits in with the rest of the letters, namely the V and Y because I was going for a half straight, half not.
  15. I think I can paint pretty decent straights, but I don't want to be painting them for the rest of my life. How do I go from this: to this:
  16. I got my own hustle. Quit worrying about how I get my paint, and make with the crits. As far as 'you aren't legit until you can paint with rusto'.... Paint is paint, get over it. No fucking amount of euro paint, old school krylon, or virgin's blood is going to make you some sort of magical graffiti wizard. Get over it. One crit I always get is "keep your bar widths consistant"... I don't really get why this valid. Maybe I just don't understand, but a lot of really dope graff doesn't have consistent bars. Maybe it's something I don't get, or maybe its a fundamental people cling to... I don't know. But if someone could explain the logic behind this, that would be great.
  17. ^^ Not everything is about making money man. Yeah, I feel ya. Graffiti is fun, that's the only real reason I do it. But I (and to a larger extent I think people in general) enjoy the mastery aspect of graffiti. People like doing it, getting better at it, and eventually doing it well. Not everyone that picks up a guitar thinks they are going to be a rock star, but there is something enjoyable about working at something and eventually becoming good at it. I think that's why most of us are here.
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