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  1. but seriously, since this is the nw/4loko superduper thread, i thought the lemonade flavor was out?
  2. -THIS IS FUCK EVERYONE- Forsit man your really trippin. Im not 2faced. Im not anything but real. So lets drop this b4 you get all pissy. Next time we kick it lets paint and kill it. If not ill still think you dont paint.
  3. fuck a cop but these are the people who need to be shot
  4. that mirror up there with the katsu aerub and jason and shit thats in the gallery, i was wondering where the fuck it went when the bathroom it came from got a new one. wonder if they found it in the trash out back or sumthin and just took it to their lil art show
  5. internet killed the graffiti star. its an easy to understand that seeing 20 flicks of fills and a little bit of the surrounding wall doesn't convey anything about a spot, whereas in the before-times you would only see a tucked ass tag if you stood exactly where he did when he caught it and when you saw a fill you also saw the two fences he hopped, the busy ass street, and the yuppy on his balcony. with the 12 oz shit people just need to keep in mind that they're not e-benching the nw theyre looking at pictures of (ideally) dope shit done by someone you may or may not know at a spot you may or not recognize. my bad on the essay. smoke hash drink loke. *not claiming to have been writing in the times alot of you refer to, just before internet bullshit got so out of hand
  6. creeps me out and makes me look out my blinds. but i guess we all do the same shit in every neighborhood sooo...
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