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  1. FUck it I dont care, close the thread, let it stay, whatever, dosnt matter to me because once it strikes 7am youall will probably never see me post again. And BTW I dont think the thread should be closed because of the beef, i think it should be closed because its not a good representation of louisville graffiti, the only shit that gets posted on here is fliks people post of there friends and there are plenty of good writters that are up that dont get posted, I flik whatever I see that I feel is atleast alright, even if I have beef with ya. FUCK 12oz, god I hate the internet
  2. ^^THIS IS THE TRUTH, Close now^^
  3. first retina then aroe, whats up with the most famous crew in the world letting snitches in Msk is still dope tho
  4. why didnt you just climb the rest of the way up that billboard and hit it instead of sidebusting, I was gonna do that when I ran into that binge but decided not to since I already hit like 5 billboards that month
  5. haha Imma shut up now since im not part of this and have no business commenting on it. as for the value city roof I was joking, i had the chance to hit that the same night I climbed up to that spot but Im all respectable n shit and decided not to sidebust you or binge, so I walked out that way for no reason. My bad on the whole internet shit stirring, im just bored and not able to leave. FUCK 12oz I wish I was painting
  6. everyday is go bomb day for me, except for today, fuck double shifts
  7. ^^thats called regulation sorry sarge but even you are not allowed to sidebust, BTW Imma side bust that valuecity roof, just watch
  8. document everything you can, I try to, not handys so much but all throws, pieces, ect. if it took you more than 5minutes to do then its worth the 30seconds it takes to flik it.
  9. all hail mag1 king of tyler park, dubmass
  10. your so hardcore dude, I wish I was as hardcore as you.:rolleyes:
  11. get off the internet and go paint you little legal eagle bitch
  12. Get off your computers and go paint
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