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  1. more bombing less legal walls!!
  2. fuck dms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUP17oqmM9A
  3. man someones gonna fucking stabbed
  4. stop pm'ing me anda a la concha de tu madre
  5. lol why do you need to stand up for people man? must we crew up? no shit talk intended toward him/ her/ i dont fucking care. I dont understand why your getting all hyped unless you have some special friendship or some shit. that neighborhood isnt bad thats all my point was. its called "noma" now its ground zero for gentrification. sursum went coop or some shit in 2005 anyone who was a dumbass/drug addict got bought out of their apt for 18k. temple is barely lived in.. bates street stopped being section 8 in either 98 or 99. hardcore kids use to squat right across north capital (from that spot) in 99-00 that house was covered in graf they didnt pay rent no houses were lived in on the whole fucking block. the city didnt give a shit about that area back then. those kids would get tested for being white at least once a week.. ultimately they had to get there shit together and get up and leave.. it wasnt ready for white folks to displace 10 years ago. now the city cares moneys tied up there. guns get pulled. shit hapeens. if someone pulls a gun you handle your biz. or you run like shit... thats it. it sucks to hear people get guns pulled them when they didnt have it coming... from personal experience having lived up the street six years ago i never had a single issue there. nothing but good people... i guess thats why i feel its tame like the rest of NW maybe it an unfair sense of security. -trash on my "graffiti" i may at times get drunk and deface things" its nothing more then that. i dont practice because i dont want to progress. I dont piece, I dont stylize, i dont care. bump MOE for painting far SE.
  6. "I got a gun pulled on me here like a year ago. wompppp" oh no the mean streets of NW
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