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  1. exchange with germz and an old sketch i like
  2. a little update and an espy exchange
  3. i hate my c :( i was gonna try to fill it in but it didnt work. and thanks nuce! dope shit as well.
  4. working on my half of a heaven vs hell battle i have going on with prism uti. as you can tell, i dont do characters. thee end is very cramped :( http://i44.tinypic.com/160xuyr.jpg ALOT of good shit lately. good job folks.
  5. been trying to finish this piece for awhile now.
  6. this one is taking too damn long to finish. sorry for it being blurry
  7. r.i.p dare. unfinished, couldn't seem to get a good picture
  8. for slotr, REALLY half assed, and didnt like it enough to finish, but whatever.
  9. pretty sure this isnt gonna get finished. but this will.
  10. he lives like 4 hours away, and rarely comes into town.
  11. i wish i could, but my friend was to quick to take his book back.
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