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  1. March 2, 1995 Side A Side B Tracklisting: Side A: 1. Smif-N-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Buriell 2. Lord Finesse - Check The Method 3. Announcements Over Check The Method 4. Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Remix) 5. E.Bros - Funky Piano 6. Lord Digga - Can U Feel It 7. Channel Live - Reprogram 8. Diamond D - With The Dope Sound 9. Showbiz & A.G. - Next Level (Nyte Tyme Mix) 10. A.G. & Ghetto Dwellas - Interview + Freestyle Over Put It On (Remix) Side B: 1. Big L - Put It On (Remix Instr) 2. Jr Mafia - Players Anthem 3. LL Cool J - No Airplay (Dirty Version) 4. Gang Starr - Doe In Advance 5. Ol Dirty Bastard - 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version) Preview - Intro - Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Baby C'Mon - Brooklyn Zoo 6. Ol Dirty Bastard - Promo + Freestyle Ft Buddah Monk & 12 O'Clock Over Shook Ones Pt 2 7. Channel Live - Mad Izm (Remix) 8. B.U.M.S - Elevation 9. B.U.M.S. - Promo + Freestyle
  2. I'm liking the somewhat 90s flow being brought back into the thread, anyone got some TA7 Crew flicks? Haven't seen those in a while.
  3. This the same since from back in the days that pushed TA7?
  4. He probably means, this new gossiping age that seems to just never end and get instigated by the internet is bullshit. Most people who sit behind their monitor or laptop haven't hit a real spot in months to years. Fuck outta hea!
  5. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138199&page=3
  6. You're light work and cop pleas, hush child. I do agree with the violating 20+ years spots, but most of you herbs are scared to even enter the beginning of a tunnel and still have the balls to talk... Just shut the fuck up. ROFL Montana Mac & Cheez what the streets call me. On some serious shit can you all just shut the fuck up and post pictures or keep that word battle going, learn how to Private Message a nigga and set up fair ones or get off the fucking computer and paint. This shits getting annoying.
  7. Yeah they fade in the sun from what I hear, which is ironic it's supposed to be tar... but Flat Black Rustos will always be the wave.
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