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  1. you're acting like you're not the hipster faggot that f'd that thread up.. i even talked to nada about it and he just gave up, he said, "why waste the time if these faggots are always lurking around' oh no.. i drew a picture about some f'n homo that put my name in his vids.. after he tried to correct me in a conversation with a friend about cut backs and light colors going over darks.. you know everything.. except how to do graffiti.. add more unconnected arrows to fill the void that is your letter structure.. my shit's suckin cause i quit for 10 years, but it's better already.. you're
  2. 3 massively propped hipsters is not everyone... what happened to turtz? my bad, i'm not scared to tell the 12oz gays how godly they're being
  3. Lady Gaga is a... 08-11-2009 06:13 PM LosingMyMind ahahahahahaha Lady Gaga is a... 08-11-2009 04:36 PM Schnitzel stop being a twerp if you kids are embarrassed to be in here, dont click gay links.. it's not my fault you give a fuck about this retarded shit
  4. what.. why would they do that? i could see if maybe i was saying the word 'faggot' left n right and it didnt really apply to the conversation.. but the writings on the wall, facts are facts, when i say faggot, you acted like you wanted me to call you that
  5. nice1 retard.. way to make 'ME' look silly... dumb faggot.. it's all you being a douche there.. how f'n delusionally arrogant can you be?
  6. my point exactly.. you cant say shit that would make sense, so I'm mad....
  7. pls retard.. post that shit that happened after the fact... you n your boyfriend tried to outdo me on some dumb shit.. then followed me around when i gave up on the kungfu thread.. so you fags started to follow me, and some of the first posts in a new thread just happen to be telling how you're a faggot in that thread too.. like you didnt jump in it acting like a douche before i said anything.. pls, you're so f'n lame and sonni chiba is still a karate dude, not a kung fu cat.. even if they sale yuou his kungfu movies, he's still doing karate in them.. you faggots are gay who dont like m
  8. produce and nature.. everyone gets the bonus
  9. when it fits, yes really, i think it's lame to put stickers on anything that cost more than $3000..
  10. when a hipster says something f'n retarded at you.. what should you do? first, try to understand where they're coming from, when it doesn't add up and you confront the situation and they realize they're wrong.. then you hear, "you mad".. it's the nonsense defense hipsters are retarded, and they travel in packs which makes them especially douchey hipsters.. not to be confused with 'homo thugs' who use "you mad" when they let some gay shit slip and you catch it but they have to deny it with, 'you mad'... yeah we're all mad, f'n faggots
  11. i'm goin to cleveland and the tennessee game for sure.. my boy lives on northside(north shorish) but he prob won't come out for it
  12. i'm an idiot because you posted your girl's back rug.. i was supposed to know it's a tattoo w/o asking.. i shoulda just been like, the circus let you paint on the hairy woman!!! then i'd deserve to be an idiot.. nah, you shoulda just cropped it with the time you took to blurr it, since noone's supposed to look at her back
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