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  1. watching Downtown which Krylon2 mentioned on here somewhere cheers bro its a good series, ended up watching em all one rainy afternoon
  2. fuckin insane isnt it :blush:
  3. "Here's a jewel, you guys can take it or leave it; Pimps lay on the floor and inject speed (the amphetamine) with a syringe. It speeds up their central nervous system to the point where they can get up off the floor and knock you unconscious, fuck you, hold some cocaine under your nose to wake you up and lay back down on the floor - You won't even know it happened. It just looks like they're laying on the floor. You can laugh and make jokes all you want. You can ban me, call me a troll, say I'm weird but the one thing you can't do is say I'm gay or a faggot because whenever that happened to me - I castrated the faggot. That makes me a player. A faggot fucks a player and the player castrates the faggot. Which would you rather be, the player or the faggot? And it happens a lot more often than you'd think. It happens without even you even knowing it. In fact, unless somebody tells you when it happens, you'd never know. You guys are either a) pretending that you don't know how faggots and pimps fight or b) so square that you get fucked without knowing it. Another technique pimps (and faggots) use is injecting speed and waiting for you to blink (or making you blink) and shoving heroin up your nose while your eyes are closed. The heroin slows you down but builds your confidence. When you're on heroin you think you could beat anybody. You raise your voice and start yelling and making threats, you're heart rate actually decreases but you feel on top of the world. Every time you blink the pimp/faggot is knocking you unconscious and fucking you so fast that you have no idea what's going on. A real pimp will wait for you to turn your head - faggots wait for you to blink. In all seriousness, you've probably been fucked by faggots on speed and didn't even know it. Somebody has probably said to you, "you just got fucked and didn't know it" and you had no idea what they were talking about. Or somebody may have said, "you got fucked" and you didn't know they were being literal." cant stop laughing, theres more in here http://community.allhiphop.com/discussion/544725/let-the-countdown-to-prison-time-begin-offset-from-migos-caught-on-camera-beating-a-fool-up/p3
  4. Luniz. white people remix?
  5. id climb it with a few shoggoths in tow but fuck that really, funny thread
  6. watching daredevil and wondering if these boxes of dihydrocodiene are any use
  7. watching some gameplay of No Mans Sky, fuckin thing is huge https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cf2sgQ2UUAAlzKN. wups sorry thats that new dr strange poster i meant this
  8. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsI7tzhtZHpLhwnKh9S4m4cIJZHIKjlimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsI7tzhtZHpLhwnKh9S4m4cIJZHIKjl
  9. its dr katz.... im fallin hard for dr katz, cos you know hes in my dreams i binge watch it every now and then, episodes all on youtube
  10. she looks like shes coming towards when you when shes moving away
  11. i think this happened to me about a year ago, was working 7 days a week and one morning 'woke up' and there was a shadow looming over the bed in the shape of..whatever the fckin demons name from the exorcist was, i forget..oh yeah, Pazuzu wasnt really scary, more interesting though. I didnt feel pinned down or anything just was ..there..looking at it, feeling weird.
  12. Maskface

    I'M DRY

    I've always moisturised after showers etc..I find it weird that people wouldn't. Think the best type moisuturisers contain hyualronic acid which helps the skin hold water, might be more something you just use on the face though
  13. Made it up to series 4 of this show but fuck me it is dire, can't be bothered watching any more of this shit They should introduce a concious zombie character called dave who hangs around and whenever someone says 'walker' or 'biter' he goes 'I know you are, but what am I' That would save this show
  14. Reading The Exorcist..think its a newer, revised version with a couple bits added. Its really good, even knowing the story after watching the film multiple times its still shocking and very well written.
  15. Maskface


    Surely you mean a non gay way?
  16. Maskface

    Sex Addiction

    Regarding alcolohism being a disease..I always wondered why people wouldn't qualify it as an illness, I mean , literally the amounts being drunk and the constant nature of it really isn't normal. Anyone who has ever gotten a hangover or felt ill off drink knows that you can swear off the stuff..usually until a few days later, but the thought of drinking through that hangover and onwards obviously points to some sort of need/mental imbalance/whatever.
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