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  1. Who the fuck would front about living in Gary? Why would I, fuck that place, when most people think of the part of Indiana by Chicago they just think Gary usually. Also, fuck Cedar Lake, that lake smells like shit in the summer.
  2. Well I got the dude his 450 yesterday (owed him 500), he said not to worry about the 50 bucks on the side and was very appreciative of me risking my shit to get him cash. Long story short, guy might be going to federal raped in the ass prision and I am worried for him. Also dropped 2 grand for his lawyers retainer fee, so if he skips town I am going to be pissed. Hopefully I get hella good karma from this and dont get burned on this cause I have to start over from square one for the third fucking time since moving back home. I swear I am cursed or something. Sorry for making a thread about this but this is situation I had never expected to encounter because I stay off the rader pretty fucking well and anything that could put me on someones sketches me out hardcore.
  3. Fuck I live in Northwest Indiana (Gary for all the out of staters) you do not want to move to Indiana, try Michigan I hear they have bears.
  4. got it, figure try and get it done tomorrow, see if i get followed down any of the back roads, keep my nose clean.
  5. he wasnt playing around with the gun one of his friends was. xannex people.
  6. The DEA is watching him and he is living with his parents, I was supposed to drop it off tonight but I drove around the subdivision trying to call him for a half hour figured he was xanned out or something haven't heard from him since this afternoon, don't know exact address where he is staying at. Plan on trying again tomorrow. Clean of course.
  7. So long story short my dude has dumbass friends and some girl ended getting accidentally shot (graze wound to one of her love handles). DEA ends up busting him for two tuperware containers and a whole list of other shit related to the weapons possession. I owe him money, he is in serious hurt for cash (they took his lexus), is laid off from his electricians job, and I have known for a good amount of time. Should I risk it to help him out?
  8. Go to college and you end up getting told what to do the rest of your life by those who went to more expensive schools. The whole system is fucked.
  9. i dont get what draws douche bags to listening to lamb of god, watching ufc, and acting like the are the toughest thing since rocks came along.
  10. Love- the good tips cause the time of the season Hate- the music, shopping. I absolutely loathe both of these activities and must endure them both at the same time. Its fucking torture.
  11. next time just link the article, dont waste your time on a quote.
  12. an hour and forty five minute tree porn movie, yes?!?!?!?
  13. For some reason civility is something that rarely appears on internet
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