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  1. paint on the ballast. tags on the cement block in front of the piece. yikes!
  2. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es wow looks like these guys took the flicks in the spot. the 2nd photo shows the roller paint on the fall protection stairs. hahaha ate up.
  3. jrafe tags inside the sone...
  4. seone, dezn, when, aven showing out!! lots of onorok some awesome OG stamp SM cars. wooo!!!
  5. before everything was reefers, reefers, reefers...
  6. detroit toledo and ironton.
  7. reup o n the msdr takes it.
  8. Q41Juice


    ah finally feedback about this place. i plan to make it down there this summer. chea!
  9. simpsons thread? more like HBAK thread
  10. hhaha im weak. i liked this one. whats snoop dogg always carrying an umbrella for? for drizzle my nizzle.
  11. chem on that hopper in between em.
  12. st lawrence - nah i havent gotten mine yet. haha waiting til i get paid saturday to holler at emmmm.
  13. zed - that link you just posted. completely insane. it blows my mind. imagine how much fun you'd have playing with that!
  14. i would be very interested. PM me with a price and we'll see whats good.
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