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  1. The fact you are quoting and replying is pretty contridictary :chicken:
  2. Just so nobody get's it twisted. Pier going over me is a joke. He beefed me in perth, he got beat down. Now that I'm not there he is going over my shit thinking he can get away with it. I saw him in Melbourne and he waved as if it was all kosher. Lined a couple tags on his last day here before he skipped back to Perth. Pussy cat and a toy. prrrrrr
  3. That ''High Definition'' is anything but, eye-sore really.
  4. It amazes me how many of you are so quick to call out on people for 'biting'. At the end of the day people are producing graffiti because THEY want to. Be happy you have something new to look at because at the end of the day half of you plebs are sitting at home doing next to none of your own graffiti whilst other are out there getting over. Be happy you have something new to look at. I guarantee half the people getting called out for biting or whatever keyboard staunch you can bring to this holy thread, doesnt matter at all to the people you are directing it at. If people are biting and
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