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  1. dualfittedkilla


    more crsy hungr crops guel
  2. dualfittedkilla

    Toronto-> like just above the US

    This show is going to be something special! FRIDAY JAN.21ST @ THE GREAT HALL (1087 QUEEN ST W) - TERMANOLOGY & STATIK SELEKTAH along of the some of the best artists in the city; JD ERA, JR Mint, Omar LinX & RayRay Malone. Tickets are $20. Check facebook event page for all details. It's going to be a great party. Much love! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141096745945131 **TICKETS ON SALE NOW** Tickets available at: Proper Reserve (498 Queen Street West) MTN Colors (166 Spadina Avenue) Joe Huffers (289 College Street - Downstairs) Play De Record (357 Yonge Street) Available online at: http://1982tour.eventbrite.com/ IN-STORE ARTIST MEET & GREET @ PROPER RESERVE (498 QUEEN ST W) JAN.21ST BETWEEN 6-8PM
  3. dualfittedkilla


    stillalive dont steal my flick ya heard.. or let peeps know its stolen
  4. dualfittedkilla

    Toronto-> like just above the US

  5. dualfittedkilla

    Ici Montréal

    at least hes come to terms with it
  6. dualfittedkilla


    More JESSE this guys the fukin man
  7. dualfittedkilla

    writers in action!

    its all good yo keep takin photos an posting that shit more entertainment for me i dont know why all you niggas are hating
  8. dualfittedkilla

    *ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Pensacola FL, October 2009*

    ya these AGR's are rolling seen a few of these in person recently nice shit
  9. dualfittedkilla

    Trains Trains Trains..

  10. dualfittedkilla

    Reefer Madness

  11. dualfittedkilla

    freight junkies post here!!!!

    bump this bonus kid robot alphabet letters
  12. dualfittedkilla

    BITER thread!