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  1. Help~ My computer monitor is being fucky as hell. The tool bar that's normally at the bottom keeps getting smaller and smaller and the bottom of the screen just goes black. So everything shown at the top begins to look squished. Sometimes it pops back to normal and sometimes i have top hit it and that doesn't always do the trick. I tried taking a screenshot but yeah, it doesn't show up.
  2. I was actually thinking of posting it on youtube but then I found it here: http://www.imeem.com/jukeboxmusic85/music/IawjPs7z/earth-wind-and-fire-bad-tune-lp-version-2006-remastered/
  3. MARLENA SHAW: California Soul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MMflNf-ocg Roberta Flack: Feel like makin love to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acl38RlPMns Roy Ayers: Everybody loves the sunshine Parliament: One nation under a groove http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv-H15IaT10 The Commodores: Brick House Earth, Wind, and Fire: Let's Groove September
  4. I've never been to New york so I'm wondering, are those pics from Manhattan? I really like the apartments.
  5. I can't get anything going. I would post something i've been working on but it's shit. Any tips on getting some creative flow going?
  6. Wow....she was one away. I still think she beat out Teyona.
  7. Never been called a nigger to my face but someone called me a burned cracker when I was young. He proceeded to call himself just a cracker...Also, I'd never mess with a Mexican.
  8. ^^ ...It's Channel Zero.
  9. I've been into Children of Bodom, sonata arctica, and Iron Maiden for a while now. I was kind of at a point where I refused to listen to this type of music. It's good to be open minded...easier to relate musically with people.
  10. Oh man I loved her. She will be missed. RIP. :C
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