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  1. you're the best person on team chubb lubb!
  2. I hadn't heard that nuyorican soul track before! and it's on Nervous records... I know it's corny but I actually kind of enjoy watching youtube videos of the grind with old school house music. That one has louie vega (masters at work)
  3. eeeeffff yoooou. i have those anyway. fuck those
  4. I'd love to know his spots. They look great
  5. u STILL mad? 16* and How many times are you going to say this? Obviously it's not doing anything. 75% of the time the shoe doesn't fit.
  6. I guess a lot of threads on 12oz seem to turn into discussions about "black trash" then. :rolleyes:
  7. You can always use the edit button if you want to add more links~ :3 This entire album is really good. I listen to these tracks to fall a sleep, lately. They're just relaxing.
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