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  1. Take a peep at "Overground vol. 1" on Dokument Press. The KEGR part is definately kool and the gang.
  2. Ildefonso


    Quake and Wesker goes hard at it!
  3. Guan, Iesk, Iser, Nimek, Puse, Kans, Olae etc. etc... GFMs, HDAs and all the foreigners in the mix. BCN definately a cool city!
  4. One post above yours, if you wanna know where da gold at. Book looks nice.
  5. That Class-piece........ Bump!
  6. Loads of trains, walls, travelling, food and various other pictorial treats at Honet's hp.
  7. Tried, but can't figure out a way to do this.. 1nce again, fuck flickrusers with the disabled downloads! http://www.flickr.com/photos/verfinantwerpen/5347545326/sizes/l/
  8. In the letter on page 18, which book is he referring to?
  9. Ildefonso


    Stolen from the ADEK thread.
  10. As a popular music reference, being a tom cat, is hella old. An ideal nom de plume (IMO) for a dude who gets around. Also I've seen dude referencing Stagger Lee. Likely dude's into 20's and 30's american culture.. But then again, why give a hoot? Post flicks!
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