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  1. you'll prolly find it in the msk thread since i think rime is to the left, but this is a jurne thread so who cares
  2. found em'.....o' boy is over there by the cash register
  3. nah really? no shit....you think i wasn't aware of that? i just found it funny how my comment was made all late....ha
  4. bangbangboogie, quit whining like a bitch. handle beef in the streets not on the interweb. with that said....more flicks
  5. hey i never said i use guns...just sayin' that's how the original saying went. but i'm all down for throwing elbows and knees....let a bitch run up!
  6. isn't it 'run up get gunned up'?
  7. who else here is fucked up??? fuck the bullshit!!!
  8. where's the graffiti at faggots?
  9. damn you got mad props on 12oz....and from 7 different people? wow!!! .........seriously? with every post you make yourself sound more and more retarded or should i say 'tarted'.. :lol:
  10. Dude you talk shit on here when you're just as wack as everything else being posted in here, if not worse. you always claim to be 'old school' and yet you have no style to show for it. get off that wack shit bro..
  11. becoming? dude is one of the best in my book..
  12. no shit it is after katrina...
  13. haha this guy...i'm not one to argue over the internet, but no one is hating....i have my own opinions. i made that lil comment because i thought it was funny how everyone was talking about old-school writers who got down and then dude comes in and starts giving props to some new jacks. and yea i may be young but age has nothing to do with it
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