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  1. CakedAndBaked

    18,061 foot (>3 mile) train.

    Yeah, I'd love to see you try that.
  2. CakedAndBaked

    graffiti addiction

    I've never suffered from graffiti withdrawals. I think people addicted to actual drugs would :lol: at this thread.
  3. CakedAndBaked

    Just Wow...

    So you thought this deserved to be a thread? Neg'd.
  4. CakedAndBaked

    Morals/Personal Rules

    I like writing on cats. That's about it.. Nothing else, only cats.
  5. CakedAndBaked


    I used to like graffiti, then I discovered 12oz.
  6. CakedAndBaked

    Exit Through the Gift Shop

    Free Max B > Exit through the gift shop
  7. CakedAndBaked

    hey 12oz,

    Quality Thread. Ten out of Ten.
  8. CakedAndBaked

    I got caught this weekend, i want some feedback

    How many ''So I got Caught" threads can 12oz have?
  9. CakedAndBaked

    G8-G20 Toronto riots

    There's an edit button for a reason.
  10. CakedAndBaked

    The best Era in music.

  11. CakedAndBaked

    The best Era in music.

    I liked the 80's 90's and early 2000's for rap & hip hop.
  12. CakedAndBaked

    WARNING: Crawfish914 is a Fraud Scammer

    Does it come with the person??
  13. CakedAndBaked

    The "was illegal, now isn't" thread

  14. CakedAndBaked

    Fuck NBC

    He Just wants to get paid.
  15. CakedAndBaked

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    Decy, you down for an exchange?