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  1. aint no nacho tags.....anywhere
  2. well wen yall niggas see me, step to my face. cuz i kno who yall 2 fools is... 2 the 1st fool keep ya bitch ass n VA. N 2 THE 2nd fool, yo ass get 1 little 17 year old girlfriend, n nigga finally grow sum balls, n yea iwas at that daycare nigga, but i grew the fuck up, n started doin real shit. SO POINT BEING, WEN YALL SEE ME "TELL ME WATS REALLY GOOD" n yall kno where the fuck i be so come find me
  3. tired of see these old ass recycled flicks, when yall bitch niggas gonna start puttn in some real work. N oh yeah, dont nobobody wana see a dumb ass flick of where to get paint, shit majority of em aint even good enough to use that shit properly. n all yall fools that think u write, cuz u did 5 pieces n yall life time... u kno im talk bout u toys at da "BENCH" aka "daycare", YALLS IS WACK, give dat shit up n all yall other "ima paint once n a blue moon motha fuckers. close this thread. shit
  4. bump da flicks, likin that Pear n Soma
  5. who ever dissed that "show", should of jumped in front of a marc after that. snek, n that 4mer lookn better each time
  6. those PAEBAKS r on the 1, n that 2nd to last NECS
  7. bump harsh, peeped his throw in the new Green Lanter movie:spin:
  8. stolen from dc thread
  9. DAYUM, really diggn that HUNT, always liked dudes stuff
  10. bump those fr8s. suck on a beaver,ha
  11. nigga always lurkin on the ave, to catch someone loafn, b very careful out there. shit gets crazy in dc, especially when the weather starts gettn nice
  12. ^^^ hell no , dats Willie Nelson I hate bacon:five-o:
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