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Everything posted by redeyedanimal

  1. Yes, I would like a bump. Fuck shitty jobs and fuck corporate work. Time to get the fuck out of this situation for good, i'd rather work a fuckin desk job honestly.
  2. It's really difficult to be maintain a gangster facade without a nose.
  3. Much Love smdubs! Happy Berfday and herdaderp from REA and affiliates. This bongs for you!
  4. No offense Doodle, but your food generally lacks visual appeal. Might be tasty, but it looks like a dog sicked on a piece of toast after it ate too much grass. Also, Them Sammiches!
  5. "I'm not just here to watch tv, work and die." -that dude.
  6. don't talk to methheads. I stopped talking to one of my best friends when I found out he was banging tina.
  7. I have heard nothing good about Tex Wasabi's, any location. Pretty cool idea, but bad reviews.
  8. ^This. New crop arrives in the fall though, don't worry. The homie SINE.
  9. Dear ex-coworker, you got what you deserve. If you're in over your head, you can only tread water for so long. Thank you for the job opening. -red.
  10. Dear coworker, sorry I had to snitch you out to management, but you are a fucker and I'm not going to lose this job because you can't do your job right. Shoulda let that kid punch you in the face too, but I didn't want to see anyone go to jail. Consider yourself lucky, you whiny little bitch. -RespectmyEmployeesAlways
  11. Reread. Dude smashed that chick out all night, doing molly lines off her tits while her BF was gagged and tied up, watching the whole shit. The baby was responsibly being taken care of my a babysitter, because the children are our future.
  12. I fully support this group of moderators. Y'all have kept it really real. /nodickride.
  13. The nazi army is the first documented widespread use of methamphetamines, it helped the troops stay motivated and energized, and reduced the need for food. Sound ridiculous, but it's true. Nazis were methheads, and neo-nazis are methheads too.
  14. The more simple MEKS work is still fresh as fuck. I ain't tryin to dickride or nothing, but can I get you a drink, maybe some popcorn?
  15. ^practice can control with characters if you find them easier, it might be a good way to practice painting without looking like a supertoy. But keep the letters on paper until you learn why what you are doing is wrong. Fluid motions dude, fast and simple. And no, nobody will give you answers online. It just doesn't happen that way man
  16. For me, the key is understanding the temperatures at which the white and yolk solidify (about 140 and 165*F, respectively), and the protein structure during each cooking phase. When you can see the changes happen and know (physically and chemically) what is going on without thinking about it, it takes a lot of the 'mystery' out of egg cookery. Also, working breakfast/brunch in upscale restaurants will make your egg game strong as fuck if you ever have to opportunity. At first it's frustrating because there will be a lot of recooks, but once you find the groove, shit is all gravy. Salt and vinegar change the coagulation points of egg proteins significantly as well.
  17. saying 'homie' online to a stranger is teh gayzz. Also, you dont understand what a throwup is. Do your research, kiddo. Lean technique BEFORE you get arrested for shit that you will regret. Don't take the extra time to go back over shitty lines, make them right the first time, and do it fast. FAST.
  18. the rest of this wall is cool too. Been meaning to take pics...
  19. all their eyecolors are different in the middle picture.
  20. eggs cooked right are always a win. always.
  21. if you draw crowns on cop cars.
  22. so many starts and stops to the lines in that throw.... so much wasted time...
  23. There is a strange attraction of a few select people to eat 'strange foods, which were usually left for the poor to eat. And the chefs can charge a premium price because it has that 'weird' attractive feature. We had a pig-ear appetizer for a while at one of my jobs, and it was a $14 option, a pack of pigs ears (6 i think) was less than $4 at the market... I agree with nose to tali cooking, every part should be used for some purpose. This is another conversation that can get nowhere online.
  24. A popular food magazine in the US featured fiddlehead ferns recently, I thought they were mostly used as a garnish until recently. Also, dandelion greens are being more and more common on menus, and I still think that shit is bitter and nasty...
  25. puttin in 55 hour weeks consistently, schedule changes all over the damn place, and we never know what to expect as far as business that day. Hopefully this shit gets better soon, but I would so much rather do my job than a shitty office job.
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