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  1. ^cuz bitchez be cryin bout the weather and shit.
  2. "I'm high on life. Life and pot. But mostly pot." -meme. made me lol.
  3. its yela wolf. he's a wolf. and he's yela.
  4. ^one of my favorite fight vids. Am I free to go?
  5. Rob Lowe with the politically correct responses. Respect. I like seeing pics of everything, if it's doodoo I scroll through, but sometimes there is a gem in the doodoo pics If I can get the pics from my phone to my photobucket without gps tracking and pic info, i'll post up some tranez soon, caught some of yous guys rolling. -edit - also, anybody know who's behind that arora? Looks old...
  6. ^that's a real nice neighborhood for such shananigans.
  7. Aight, yous guys. Check this out. If you read my walls of text, you've probably caught up on my situation, i know it's a problem and have been taking a lot more 'breaks' these days ("i'm going to stay sober today" is my mantra), and overall things in life have gotten better. Got a good job, and got 3 raises and a promotion within 2 months. SO yeah, yesterday I get a call from the highest up on my day off, he was asking me to step up to manager! Salary, benefits, less bullshit, paid vacation, bonuses, etc. Even funnier to me, I had planned to get out and do some fun shit that I used to do with al old friend, but instead ended up realizing what I used to do was getting me nowhere, and what I am doing now is working just fine. I think I had what alcoholics refer to as 'a moment of clarity.'
  8. Dear anonymous recipient, it's time to put some old shit behind me that is getting me nowhere in exchange for new opportunities that can provide a solid future. This is going to be pretty difficult, but I think it will be worth it.Also, I need to learn a few new languages... dammit... -recevingextraadvancements.
  9. Check out the bell curve. buncha average motherfuckers in this forum.
  10. Dear thread, goddamn. I'm an old man... -retired.exhausted.delusional.
  11. A lot of rain and flooding, some stupid people did some stupid things and put themselves in danger. I definitely think the climate is changing, and there is more energy being put into the atmosphere, and the weather is changing. I don't think anybody really understands it though. I fucking love crazy weather. Bring it on mothernature, hit me hard and I'll tongue punch your fuckbox.
  12. that's exactly why all his handstyles are so short.
  13. It started early this year, I know a lot of people that are facing some hard situations already. Tropical storm Andrea is dumping rain all across the southeast right now. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/06/06/18796242-tropical-storm-andrea-drenches-florida-bound-for-east-coast?lite Anybody think Al Gore was actually right?
  14. For real dude, I get the same shit, feels like i'm going to bust out of my skin when people encroach all up on my in public space. I fucking hate parties, too many people with a great potential to do something really stupid and draw too much attention to themselves. I don't like to chill at home all the time, i like to get out and explore, but usually by myself or with one or two other people, I have never been good in groups of more than 4 people, i kinda shut down.
  15. but no, no experience with suboxone for me.
  16. Also, I try not to give advice, because I am not in the position to give it. Just want to share personal experience in case anyone can relate to it. Glad to see familiar names in here, HALT and RID are helpful ways to understand yourself a little better, and understand more of the physical side of the issue. Understanding the 'whys' helps me a lot. Stay up everybody, not gonna name names, everybody stay up.
  17. I haven't stopped drinking, but the periods (short periods) of sobriety are getting closer together. I find it to be pretty common that,after I stop drinking for 5-7 days, I feel great, and taking a drink feels good, but I only have a couple. This is the first introduction of the "maybe I can drink like normal people" thought process, which inevitably leads me back to hard liquor and morning/afternoon drinks. Yesterday I had a morning drink, and drank all day, and had very random and unpredictable emotions/anger. I also noticed that when I was going to bed my heart wouldn't slow down like it should. The physical symptoms of long term drinking are very real. Tomorrow, I am not going to have a drink, and after this one beer is gone, I am not having another. It has only been two weeks since my last brief hiatus, before that it was a month or so, a couple times, but before July of last year, it had been over 10 years since I went 3 days without drinking... One day at a time. Fake it till you make it. ONER.
  18. All this shit is opinion, if you disagree, ignore it and continue to scroll on through. THere have been plenty of pics posted here that do not qualify (in my mind), but maybe they do qualify to someone else for reasons I haven't considered. This shit is very personal and subjective. Chill out and scroll on.
  19. Anybody who wouldn't smash needs to go throw up their lunch and take some diet pills. Fuckin 'mos.
  20. dear Indonesian people, whyewno speeka propa ayngrish? Seriously, it's hard for me to understand this shit sometimes, if you could just please speeka fucken ayngrish so I can understand you that would make my life easier. -red, back in the foreign world... Dear 12oz, When I scrolled up real fast it made me think my name was yellow, then I was all "Fuck yeah, bout to ban hammer (this one dude)", then I was disappoint. Now I know exactly why I should never be endowed with moderator powers. If you've got hate in your heart, let it out. -ReD.
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