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  1. Yeah dude, I did the same thing about 5 years ago, made $130 off 3 kegs that were just left after a party. Easy money.
  2. you can generally (in the US) return them to a store and get a deposit back, in my area is like $40-$45.
  3. THEY BE STOPPIN THEM SPAMBOTS, YO. Just had to deal with it, and immediately realized I had seen a lot less spam recently on the oontz. Maybe because of less traffic, maybe because of increased security. These mods are doin their thang.
  4. vanfullofretards, in order to fully become a part of active society like normal minded people you must first learn to respect the rules of society. I understand you have disabilities but the basic rules of this thread are very simple to understand. Address your audience, state your purpose, and close with a sign off. -red.and.blue on this thread these days. /bwoopbwoop
  5. Well that will take some time to figure out....
  6. Dear prototype, what symbols said. Dear !@#$%, thanks for the lols, sorry for your lack of desirable results. -red.
  7. Dear NG and TDB, Please follow the rules of the thread and include a signoff after each message. kthxbye. ;) -red.
  8. I consider xanax to be a harder drug than heroin, I understand how dangerous this drug is and how slippery the slope is to dependence and tolerance. I asked for help to ween myself off of a 1mg/day for a month habit, and i got the help I need. I also got an AA meetings sheet for the new area that I am going to be in. I'm finally ready to get back into the rooms and listen to some real advice, and offer some war stories and life experience stories. Time to get shit in order again.
  9. Just got back from the doc, got an antidepressant (effexor) and and anti anxiety (xanax). The next couple weeks are going to be really fucking hard. Hopefully the drugs will help me stay away from the booze, as fucked up as that is...
  10. That what's up with the sugar man! I've never seen it get to that stage without browning, Nice Work!!! I've tried accupuncture and albizzia (chinese herbs) and Gecko extract (had Deer Antler Velvet as an ingredient), and none of that did anything for me really. Just got back from the doc who suggested that I find a new line of work, lol. Gave me an antidepressant and an antianxiety med. Back to work, I suppose. Until I finish this next project... :D
  11. That shit makes my heart beat real fast and keeps me up for hours these days. Age sucks.
  12. ^^^^^this^^^^^ can't prop morton until further notice, but i gotchu injury for bringing my attention to it!
  13. Damn, newgirl. Get some mace and a Tazer! I was just clowning earlier, but seriously, stay safe, but keep the pics coming. What kind of camera are you using, though?
  14. It is really depressing that I left there, and now these changes are being made. But when I left, so did both the sous chefs and a line cook,and had I not left we would all still be there in misery, under a weak chef. I opened the flod gates to the chef losing his job, and now I kinda want to go back and experience it in it's glory. Def the best restaurant in the region now, by a LONG shot. *edit - although, is it bad if I stash my anxiety pills behind my "Joy of Cooking" book? Anyone else in the industry reached the breaking point that they needed medication?
  15. *fixed it is now a gastronomic research facility. All 4 of those places were at one point ranked#1 in the world... just saying, big deal.
  16. yo, that sugar 'glass' (isomalt) in even small quatities can cause extremely loose stool. Beleedat. Side note, new chef at the restaurant I used to work in - Has worked at El Bulli, Alinea, Mugaritz and Noma. If you know where i'm at, you should DEFINITELY check this place out, it's leaps and bounds better than when I was there, and I wish I could go back now...kind of... the owner is still a piece of shit.
  17. That's another thing. Hayley was all about showin tits. Show some tits, and you'll be cool.
  18. You need a camera with better resolution and faster recycle time. But nice catches! Tits or GTFO.
  19. Fucking KID & PK in the top right of that last flick. Can't catch a view without seeing those two high up. Dope wall though, and great pic of it!
  20. not me, man. Beer leads to a happier me, which leads to less inhibitions, which leads to cocaine and hiphop tags. Luckily since I quit cocaine about 5 years ago, my behavior has become much more predictable. I usually don't do anything at night that I regret in the morning, other than conversational things or gettin a little to frisky in bed. To me, the sign of an alcoholic is that alcohol becomes an allergy, when the body comes into contact with it it creates the impulse reaction of attraction and cravings. It is when one beer is too many, and one more is never enough, and this is the fight that I fight on a regular basis.
  21. The serenity prayer is posted above the entrance/exit to my crib. It helps. Going to see a doctor about depression and anxiety issues related to the loss of a family member, one year later I'm still fucked in the head. I actually plan to tell the doc how much I have honestly been drinking, and for how long, and see what they think about it.
  22. It is because the sugars change overtime, and the cells continue to break down to create a more luscious sauce. (In Theory). I cook sofritto for like 45 min to an hour, and it's fuckin good enough for me. Pressing through a chinoise will help to create a perfect tension, or a tamis if you have one. This made me lol. Making sushi rice is much more difficult than a tortilla, and is also much more difficult/tricky to deal with. And proper fish cutting is important, unless you just use krab sticks (kani) or lump crab, or all veggies or some shit. I would offer advice, but i'm fuckin tired of thinking about sushi riht now, busy fucking night tonight. a LOT of this brand of bullshit tonight... -red.
  23. older heads doing new things. fuck yeah.
  24. Doodle, It's always dry under covered areas, and jackets are amazing things. Go have some fun dude, that's ideal weather to me, for most of the shit I like to do. -red.
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