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  1. Thread should be retitled to Africa is trying to give us AIDS.
  2. Got a few homies that have that permanenet awkward eye. Wonk Saggin.
  3. Last night I said I was gonna drink my anger away and after the first two beers, I was disappointed in myself enough to not have the third beer. I realized that hurting myself more doesn't make the problem go away, forgetting about the problem doesn't make it go away, so why not spend time trying to solve the problem rather than acting like it doesn't exist. Progress.
  4. disappointment is still one of my biggest triggers, probably always will be. Expectations that are unmet, or a sharp change in reality always sends me out on another bender. I bet these meds will get me way more fucked up than usual, so I'm takin it easy, but definitely drinking at some anger tonight.
  5. My favorite 1053 is the one with the skull in the center, I think it was red and yellow trackside. Used to see dude's handstyles everywhere I went.
  6. I saw on the weather channel a few days ago that there is a Saharan dust cloud in high altitudes to the West of Africa which is causing the tropical depressions to fizzle out so quickly. Seems weird to me. I love rainy, stormy weather. It's what I grew up with, and we always used to go out and play in the rain anyway, because it rained every fucking day, at least for a couple hours. Storms are my jam, especially blizzards. Crazy weather is good weather.
  7. We're buying a house, and I'm really excited that we get to pick out a new refrigerator for the kitchen. Not so excited about having another electric range, though.
  8. Doc switched me off of xanax and onto klonopin so that it won't be quite as habit forming, I take it once a day, .5mg, along with an antidepressant. This combination of medicine, along with the right diet and exercise, have me cut back to only 2-3 12oz (355ml) beers a day, or 2 glasses of wine if that's what I'm drinking. No liquor for me anymore, my liver levels are finally back into normal range for a person my age. Not sure how many of you have had liver tests done, but apparently my GGT was up over 150 about 6 months ago, and now it is right around 80. Take care of yourselves, it is the number one priority in life. Take care of life to stay alive, or else just go ahead and fucking die already. I'm choosing life.
  9. I found this to be very accurate, anyone else in the industry can probably relate to this as well... http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/23-life-lessons-you-get-from-working-at-a-restaurant/#tDLjiwueUD0IFiTe.01 #13, 17 & 21 especially.
  10. dear thread, this might give you some lols, keep the volume low if you're at work.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjMNjaWVuT4 -Red.
  11. Finally had time to take a pic of something. not my knives, mine are much cooler than those. If I get a chance to make the roll i've been scheming on, i'll pic and post it too.
  12. My best friend from high school has been smoking meth for nearly a decade now, he apparently started shooting it a few years ago. Dude broke into a quarter machine at a carwash to steal the quarters, for meth. I talked to hime a few months back, said he didn't even remember doing it. Dude used to be really healthy, never the brightest kid, but fairly motivated. Last I heard he was thinking about moving to California, terrible fucking idea for a small town racist white male on meth. I don't expect I'll ever see him again, and if I do I know it won't be the guy I used to know. Sorry for your loss, dude will never be the same.
  13. Currently operating on AOL, the CD version that I got in 1992. No problems here.
  14. ^The first two things on that list do not mix well together. The last two things go hand and hand. I dream to create something that is very valuable to a small niche of an industry. I aspire to turn this idea into a profitable business, and expand into other areas of development. I wish this venture would generate enough revenue that I can focus my attention on it as my main source of income, sufficient enough to pay all the bills and get us out of debt.
  15. POZ, I don't consider it undermining at all, only saying my own concerns out loud. My intention is to use these drugs to break my mental patterns and rearrange the chemical pathways in my brain, so that when I stop the drugs it makes more sense to be happy and sober than miserable and treating misery with a toxin. The longer you live in misery, the more the brain is structured to stay that way, and it sometimes takes chemical involvement to break those patterns. Without getting into too much detail, several family members have stated their concern that I am holding onto grief too tightly, especially after this period of time, and it's time to try something new that has better potential in the long run to be a healthy choice. I guess we'll just see if I fuck up or not, I don't know if I will either, but I envision my future clean of drugs and alcohol. That is my goal.
  16. That shit's gonna kill you dude. Quit while you still have a chance. Seriously.
  17. Got that glass, cuz? I hurrrrrdat!
  18. sorry dude, video quality is significantly less than sketch quality. could not watch, although I could very blurrily see some cool sketches.
  19. Well, this has been a fucking boring year...
  20. ng, All in good fun, I am actually a very happiily married man. That being said, I have access to the internet, which lets me be an anonymous asshole whenever I want. Please never take me seriously unless I am talking about food or telling people their thread is awesome and they should keep at it! -re-examining-areolas.
  21. NG, lol, just to clarify, Haley never posted tits that I am aware of, but not becuase she wasn't asked to, that for sure. And I WISH i could claim to have started the TITS OR GTFO trend, but that was here when I got here, a loooooong time ago. It's all in fun, but "The absence of clothing will offend nobody". -If you get that, cheers... -red.
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