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  1. midnight, drinking a beer, but not getting drunk. Setting up the new house, keeping busy, got a new job at a gastropub that i'm REALLY excited about, but it certainly isn't going to help reduce my ale intake... -red.
  2. Rolf, that's fucked, yo. -red.
  3. Dear thread, again, please don't be so rebellious as to disregard the rules of the thread. Every statement is to start with "dear ______" and and with a signoff. -threadpolice
  4. Seriously, nobody posted this yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkcm56geh08
  5. dear y'all red and wifey own a house. Take that life, i'm finally winning a little but at a time. Feeling proud. -red.
  6. Awesome work! Cunt Sauce, seems you act a cunt when you're on the sauce, eh? Decy, that's a lot of fuckin booze brother, and I'm a teatotaller when i'm on a roll myself... maybe take a close look at your patters versus those around you in general public, not your social circle. No dis intended, only tryin to help you see that there may be a problem. Sleaze, stay up. I'm still at 2 glasses of wine or 2 6-7% beers a night, and my prescribed meds at my prescribed levels. DISCIPLINE is important in all things.
  7. Everytime I see El Topo has a new post, i know I have a new background for my computer. Props.
  8. Dear people talking about kids, my wife and I have been on teh fence about the kids issue recently. She just got into vet school, shich is bad ass, but that means it would be at least 4 more years before we considered poppin a fetus. But, considering the cost, and sleep bullshit, and not being able to just pack up and go... life is too short to pop feti. So, in the long way, thanks for the random conversation that happened to relate to my life this time. -ReD.
  9. redeyedanimal


    And then, this one time, i posted a pic in a thread and some people said they didn't like it, and so I was all like "yeah, well fuck you guys" and I felt like i e-thugged them pretty hard. but then I did some more mollie and ate some ghb and I was ok again. I'm tired now, maybe some meth is the answer.
  10. Blood pressure and liver values are back to normal, everything on the blood tests are at the best levels they have been in almost a decade. Take care of yourselves, whatever it takes.
  11. I always cry when I don't get the online approval of MOMS crew. You guys are my reason for living, you have proven to be such winners in life...
  12. I love posting that picture, so many lols.
  13. about to be gone forever, shit ran for like a decade almost...
  14. "Bought a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line, Everybody knew that he made moonshine." -Steve Earl... white boy pride.
  15. I knew the UPS threw my packages around, especially when I saw a boot print on one of my packages.
  16. Hank really needs to tread lightly, but Walt also needs to realize how very close he is to being completely fucked and put into prison. THat episode was pretty intense, especially the foreshadowing at the very beginning of the episode where walts home is completely abandoned, but he goes back to get the ricin.
  17. If I was one of teh survivors in a situation like The Walking Dead, I would probably kill myself like that dude in the CDC Lab. Fuck living in a world like that. Darrrel is a crazy fucker, he could make it, but I'm just not smooth enough to pull off the shit he instinctually does....
  18. To whom it may concern, according to the current advertising, I do not follow. This is not, however, a statement on my intellect, it only refers to my lack of desire to stay current on trends that others have created. Except that is not at all true, and I still find old trends made by others to be hilarious. Wonk Saggin. -Red -Never -Follows
  19. Sorry for your best friend, he is certainly not taking these medicines as prescribed or acting responsibly, and this is a form of behavior that has obviously followed him for quite some time. I am not that guy. These medicines are not a response to reducing alcohol, but they are curbing my desire to drink as a side effect. Currently in a job that is ok I guess but i'm not learning anything, my wife just started her doctorate degree, we are closing on our new house in less than a week, and I am handling all of this in stride.
  20. Africa is trying to give us AIDS Some people are claiming some of the dust is making it's way through the gulf and onto the eastern coast of Texas as well... Crazy shit! That's a LOT of fuckin dust, yo!
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