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  1. Props to all my homies over in nc! BW has a long standing tradition of friendship with MOMS that grifter has played a big part in. Both horace and grift are cool dudes and dope writers
  2. Dc looking nice! Just wanted to pipe in not the discussion I saw one page back. Listen to ugk, pimp and bun were real hip hop if I've ever heard it! Ridin dirty is one of the greatest albums of all time... Not to mention 8ball and mjg. Southern rap is slow and bluesy, but it's still the same funk...rip sweet jones aka pimp c
  3. Bump all my homies in purple up thurrrrr
  4. That grifter is straight up next level shit
  5. Tier and gasm looking way nice! Now somebody post some damn flicks, the Detroit thread can only keep you tuned in for so long. I NEED some TN shit!!
  6. valet and trider with the motha fuckin bangers!!!!
  7. Dope catch Memphis that zew boans joint is I'll as fuck
  8. Oh and on the name change tip, I've changed names plenty of times most writers do. It's kind of a process to figure out what letters you want and where you wanna take em.
  9. Throwing one or two of your own shits in with a gang of dope fix is straight as far as I'm concerned. I just think it makes your shit more legit if somebody else decides to post it. I never self post, but that's just me. But svere do you homie Im not talking shit just offering my opinion
  10. But I am feeling where you're going with the s and the e
  11. They're spittin the truth sver self promo is a bad look. I'm not hating but you should just let your shit get cought or paint some street spots and they'll get flicked by local heads ya know
  12. Somebody post some more flixes Im bored as fuck over here in east TN!
  13. Haha dope post homie! TIER RETRO LETS all burnin and big ups to the homie USER!
  14. Armor and stuke are nc and quest has nothing to do with TN cmon playa keep it proper rasmo
  15. plack stays on that dolla black grind ya heard!! straight up killin it
  16. Bump lil boosie bad ass! Bitch We out chea down south just trolling yalls thread and gotta holla out free boosie! Oh and that dek is illin
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