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  1. ^^^^ Fucking spammers! I hope You get Syphilis in your fucking eyes!!
  2. Rocks are awesome cuz you can ditch em super easy, but i have always liked whetstones. most of the smaller ones are rectangular, so you get a nice calligraphy edge. You could also look for a "tungsten carbide scribe" they are the shit. They cut DEEP!
  3. eviltrailer77

    Spray Paint

    The velspar silvers arent that bad, its the colors that blow. I have never been let down by velspar silver. But its hard to fuck up silver, even colorplace got it rite.
  4. And thats the kind of shit that gets yard blown...
  5. Wasn't my land yacht, it was my homies. Ruddy brown metalic with the white vinyl top, and 4 count em 4 doors :cool: That thing was a battle wagon. I may very well had pics at one point but that was several vengeful ex's ago, lots of my shit has ended up in smoking piles in the driveway.
  6. ^^^^Thats a no shitter, back in my younger days (93-94ish) we where in a yard and came up on a railbox that somebody else had broke in to that was about 2/3 full of bud tall boys, the 24oz'ers, just case after case of em. All painting ceased and we loaded a mini van and a 1974 buick omega as full as we could and bounced. I have absolutly no memory of the month that followed.:krunk:
  7. Cansr, tropic or tropik, Bukue.
  8. eviltrailer77

    Spray Paint

    that sabotaz smells like the euro sparvar from back in the day. at least from what i remember...
  9. For what its worth, couple of the things that where passed down to me way back in the way back... 1) Always have like 3 or 4 side names, not to really bomb/paint with, but to sketch out. Helps to break a "writers" block, you know? Helps if some of the words have the same letter combos as your real name. 2) If you see somebody w/ a dope name and a wack style, do that word, throwies, handies, burners, (on paper) until you have it on lock. Because this throws different letter combos in the mix, pushes you out of your comfort zone. Take it or leave it...
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