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  1. i second that. dont gettin it in with errybody
  2. TYSN. crits- lose the elements (arrows circles crowns dots etc.) things like that come second. just write your name a billion times in your normal handwriting and itll come out. the only shit you should do now, is make it short, make it fat, make it tall, make it skinny, make it wide. simple things like that. if you cant get basic letter structure down, when you try and flair it, itll get lost. start small and simple. SIIIIIMPLE i can emphasize that enough.
  3. was just in a titty bar the other night with tense scratch tags all over the bathroom......
  4. ^saw that phrite comment. id give her aids for that.....perhaps cle has worse problems than graf. like anthony sowell. just off the top of my head. not like he had 11 ppl buried in his yard or anything....
  5. m-a-s, t-e-r, G with a double E....right up there with that goldie hawn
  6. def sprayed. i got a real high def pc screen but it looks to me like you can see those dark lines you get when your fill overlaps going left to right. and some of the lines arent the same width or wide enough for a standard roller. could be totally fking wrong though.
  7. lol glen...ive never seen them even come close to busting the primo buds i see ya'll with when im in town. straight up press packed bammer every time. saw em come up empty on an H bust last night looking for mult keys only gettin a dirty half zone. dude after that flushed his whole stash before they could get into the house and they didnt get SQUAT. lol. neanderthal looking fools.
  8. first off-someone actually walked up that? I dont have that kinda committment I aint even gonna lie. haha second-howd they get that angle for the shot? kinda precarious...
  9. that jesus mural what the fuck lol. wow.
  10. its a tag. on a dilapidated garage. i think most people in that situation woulda hit it with a little flavor too. it isnt like someones using that shit, other than maybe a crackhead, look at the buildings off to the side...
  11. the ironic part to me is, ohios big cities are still potentially small enough to have citywide crews that could work cohesively and do some real motherfunkin work. theres probably just enough people. wouldnt be a trip if you could bomb with 15 ppl easy like a military strike. could help cultivate quality. last time people got along like that though was in WWII. and they played soccer. and only for a night. cause of jesus. then resumed killing each other. so if thats ever going down in history again it probably wont be with graffiti artists. haha seriously though, there is absolutely nothing posted in here less than FIRE from this guy. RIP. that dude up there that said he "got it" was fking right.
  12. some real good shit in here. that waste is slick.
  13. rest in peace sir. cheers. young JAYS and ABER up in CA the other week too. tight times, condolences to the fam and homeys.
  14. that VC dylan is real proper. my condolences fam. MTL stand up!
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