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  1. Re: OCCUPY WALL STREET NYC LIVE STREAM Fucking can't agree with this more. and i'm 21.
  2. Was frozen ACTUALLY good? i can't imagine how that's possible, lol.
  3. Homie, I got bad news for you - your american-pride-infused hd hasn't been made in America since the early 80's. i've got more bad news for you. i don't know where you live, but i'm in new jersey. either way, i've taken out 1200 softail harley's on my little "wanna be bobber jap bike," who had the same mentality as you. if you're in the area we could gladly do something for small money. i've also fuckin straight up jawed my fair share of cocky, know-nothing hd owners. you sound like a weekend warrior who brings his machine to a dealer - which is what ever - but don't front like you know some shit when you don't know me, you don't know my bike, and you sure as shit don't know how i operate. it's a shame how naive you are. edit: you start your bike with the turn of a key and the press of a button. you wanna talk to me about kick starting a machine?
  4. no more honor in this fuckin sport. if i wanted to see some faggot ass pussy cheap shot shit, i'd go to the bar at closing time. it was amateur hour tonight, and all mayweather proved to me is that he is NOT a worldclass prize fighter. he's the fuckin exact opposite. a chump.
  5. true true. well, you've seen what i ride, so you know where my head is at. i don't think i'll ever own a bike that i don't have to kick start. my shit even still has points lol.
  6. i don't know man... i've always loved those open belt drive looks on the big twins... my little parallel twin xs looks and sounds dope, but i'd just love to have one of those open belts. any plans for that on your bike, seeking?
  7. on some real shit, i'm a lot more accepting of dudes with shields now that i've ridden 300+ on my chop no windshield no nothing. shit gets tough after a while. and the 300+ was only there - doesn't even include back lol
  8. Alright. I'm 21. I'm a senior in college with a 4.0, freelance journalist who's managed to maintain subjective neutrality (yes, that exists if you do it right) and gain a bit of a reputation around here. quite frankly, i do so well in journalism because i have no problem admitting that i'm a 21 year old kid who don't know shit. i play music, collect records, write when i want, got myself a motorbike, a car, and a mustang on the side. i'm not afraid to knuckle up and i'm not afraid to fail. but most of all i'm not afraid to do the right thing.I love beer and women, and partake in them frequently. I have a girlfriend, but so long as she ain't my wife, i don't really give a fuck. and the best part about it all? i'm a blue-collar working class kid who's been working and going to school since i was 12. my parents haven't paid for a goddamn thing i own, and i've managed to put myself through 4 years of college with only about 10 grand of debt. i know some poor fools who'll be chained up by this shit for the rest of their lives. life is good. party as hard as you want, learn as much as you can, and drive as fast as possible. i don't want to end this like an old-people-commencement-speech, but to this day, i still think Hunter Thompson said it best: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming 'Wow! What a Ride!'"
  9. i forget off-hand, but i believe it's 16 rear 18 front. the rear just has a beefier tire. i can't believe there aren't more bobber fiends up in this bitch.
  10. This is my chop. 78 xs650. The above photo is the bike i rode before i got the 650. it's a 1982 xj1100. ran like a dream, even after i wrecked it and rebuilt it. the 650 can get squirley, but she's fun. if i have my carbs done by this weekend, i'll most likely be at the brooklyn invitational. isn't the dice party going down in that same area at the same time?
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