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  1. Let insurance handle it. If anything tell her to use that 200 bucks for her deductible if you cant get it back from her, The insurance will usually setup a rental car if it has to go to the shop. The medical claim is probably nothin to worry about, claiming injury and having visible injury is a huge difference. Also the estimator for the insurance will do the inspection and be semi aware of whats possible at certain speeds. Not sure of the legality of the note and pay out though good luck. Also if you happen to get questioned about the accident and they ask " how long did you have to respond to the vehicle stopping" Don't tell them too short of a time cuss it'll just make it look like its entirely your fault. Even though in rear end collision the person in back is just about aways the guilty one
  2. Lako


    Anyone know much about Somec? My boss has a Somec flash lying around the shop someone brought in with a cracked headtube. He welded the crack and the tube doesnt look warped or anything, havent tryed puttin a headset on it yet. The customer is a chick who didnt realize to weld, the paint gets a little messed up or ground away. Shes thinkin of gettin a new frame. With the repaired headtube is it worth anything still?
  3. Lako


    hella lame attempts at mocking hella, just wish you were hella cool. Do people outside california really hate it that much?
  4. why should anyone feel bad for his " free choice"? every action has a positive or negative reaction, he obviously cared more about his job than himself. not like he would be fired for dude getting away.
  5. when fattys wear "skinny jeans" it accentuates they fucked up shape, end up looking like christmas trees or grimmace.
  6. Works hella good, used to do it in the restaurant all the time. glue it and glove it get to work
  7. Green top on the right is a classy broad, diggin the tampon string Edit someone beat me to it
  8. Krispy Kreme donuts. old shool cake style HELLA better
  9. Yea and they're nazi zombies. the zombies are the best part aside from maps and new weapons. my housemate downloaded it the graphics are more cartoony than mwf2 and the multiplayer isnt as fun.
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